Quick Charts:

Automatically generate embeddable, live data charts, graphs and key figures from your spreadsheet

How it works

Quick Charts is powered by HXL hashtags - a simple standard for interoperable data. Quick Charts scans the hashtags in your spreadsheet to generate bar, pie, or line charts, and key figures. Supported hashtags include:

  • #country
  • #adm1
  • #adm2
  • #adm3
  • #adm4
  • #adm5
  • #affected
  • #inneed
  • #reached
  • #targeted
  • #population
  • #date

If your spreadsheet does not include HXL hashtags, use HXL Tag Assist to add them.

Works with your spreadsheet

Simply select a spreadsheet from a URL or cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Share with your colleagues + community

Once you create Quick Charts, you can simply embed, download or share the URL.

See live examples

Go to the dataset or see documentation